November 17, 2018
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Base Pay Scales





Air Evac’s starting base salary is determined utilizing a “Crew Experience Worksheet” (CEW) that takes into consideration total flight time, rotorcraft time, ratings held, night unaided and aided time, turbine time, prior HAA experience, etc.  There are other compensation components that will affect total salary, as well as the potential for career growth: 


Geographic Modifier


Many AEL locations have a geographic modifier, adding a percentage to the base salary that may range from 2% to 20%.  The percentage amount depends on the assigned base location. 


Example:  Using the CEW score, if the initial hire base salary is $68,000 (mid-range) and the assigned base location has a 10% modifier, the resulting base salary is $74,800.


Illinois Base Locations


All Illinois bases have a $5,000 signing bonus and a 20% geographic modifier. Using the example initial hire base salary above and adding the 20% modifier and the $5,000 signing bonus, the first year compensation would be $94,760.


Workover Opportunities


The workover rate is 1.5 times the base salary hourly rate and if applicable, includes the geographic modifier.  Per diem and travel expenses are provided when working at other than your assigned base.  The workover rate also applies to annual recurrent training, as well as IIMC recurrent training (conducted at 4-month intervals.)


Relocation Bonus


$5,000 if you move your permanent residence to within 60 miles of the assigned base and after successful completion of the initial pilot training program.


Base Housing 


All Air Evac bases have company-provided quarters (no cost to you) during a 7-day hitch, both on and off your 12-hour shift.


Employee Referral Bonus Program


$1,000 referral bonus for pilots

$400 referral bonus for medical crew 


Base Pilot Supervisor:  $5,000 stipend in addition to current base salary and if applicable, includes the geographic modifier.


Area Pilot:  $12,000 stipend in addition to current base salary.


Strike Team Pilot:  $22,750 stipend in addition to current base salary. The schedule for Strike Team pilots is a 14/14 rotation. 


Flight Instructor/Check Airman:  Pilots who meet the requirements for Company Flight Instructor, Ground Instructor or Check Airman under the Air Evac FAA-approved Training Program and who are accepted into this program, will receive an annual special assignment pay of $1500 for Instructors or $2500 for Check Airman.  Special assignment pay will be in addition to the current base salary. Flight instructors may also fill in for work over opportunities at bases. 




Bell 206 L4

Bell 407/407GXP

Airbus AS350B2

Airbus EC130T2




Cobham HeliSAS/ Two-Axis Autopilot System and Glass Cockpit

Garmin 650/500

Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS)

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) In/Out

Flight Data Monitoring System (FDMS)

ANVS 9 Night Vision Goggles

Air Conditioning

iPad Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) 



One Frasca Level 7 FTD

Seven Frasca AATD

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Other Pay & Benefits
Benefits at a Glance



Medical insurance is available to all full-time employees 

 You can choose from three health plans to accommodate personal healthcare concerns and needs 

 Our PPO network of providers is Blue Cross Blue Shield; the most extensive network available 


Delta Dental coverage is optional 

 Free preventative care (cleaning & x-rays 2 X year) with no waiting period 

Coverage available for more extensive services whether using a network provider or not 


VSP insurance coverage is optional 

 Low premiums, no waiting period and no deductible 

 Set benefit amount available for lenses, frames, and contact lenses whether using a network provider or not. 


Employees who take advantage of the flex spending account receive a tax break in two ways: 

o Medical Care Reimbursement comes with a debit card and uses pre-tax money to pay for medical, dental, vision & Rx drugs (yearly max of $2600) 

o Dependent Care account can be used to pay childcare expenses (up to $5,000/yr) before taxes are applied 


Each full-time employee receives, at no cost, $50,000 term life insurance coverage; and $50,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage 

 There is no aviation exclusion with either policy 

 Option available to purchase additional voluntary coverage at low group rates 


After working 180 days, full-time employees will be provided short term disability coverage (at no cost to the employee) 

 Provides a 50% income replacement for qualified disability (including pilot’s loss of medical) up to a maximum of $1,250 per week 

 Benefit received for up to 6 months 


Provided at no cost to all full-time employees at the end of the short term disability period for a qualified disability (including pilot’s loss of medical). Pre-existing conditions are excluded. 

 LTD benefits are paid at 60% of your base pay with a monthly maximum of $10,000 

 Benefit received for minimum of 2 years up to retirement age (including pilot’s loss of medical) 


This coverage is provided at no cost to all employees (full-time, part-time, etc.) and provides up to $350,000 in the event of disability or loss of life for an employee while on duty. This includes air, ground ambulance and administrative employees. 



Retirement opportunities through a 401(k) plan with employer match after the first year for full-time employees and after 1000 hours worked for part-time employees 

 Employee 401K contributions will be matched at 50% of that contribution up to a total 8% of annual pay 


Holidays observed annually are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 


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